A different kind of consulting. 

JTO & Associates is more than just your cookie-cutter recruiting agency. We offer a variety of consulting services to both companies and individuals in order to meet your ever-changing needs.

Retail Insurance Brokers


Our Executive Search Practice focuses on providing industry best services to our clientele. If you are in need of filling an integral position within your organization, we can offer a client-focused search effort in order to uncover, identify, interview and ultimately hire the best person for the job. Our retained executive search services are superior to the “shoot from the hip” contingency recruiters because we develop an actual plan with you in order to find the perfect candidates, and we actually follow through with that plan.


It is important for us to customize our process with each client in order to ensure we are meeting your needs. This ranges from how we structure our recruiting services agreement, to the information we gather from candidates and our overall involvement in your interview process. We understand every company has their own internal needs and processes, so we create an executive search strategy that works for you.


Our strength is within the Retail Insurance Brokerage industry. We have clients across the entire United States utilizing our services. We are capable of helping you fill every need with your brokerage firm – Producers, Service Personnel (Account Managers, Account Executives, etc.), Management, Claims, Risk Management, and more.


In addition to Retail Insurance Brokerage, we have expertise in Sales, Healthcare, and a variety of other industries, and we can help you fill those vital roles within your organization that help your clock tick.

Key Positions
Every firm wants to hire good Producers - but not every good Producer is a good match for every firm. We want to understand your growth goals - in Commercial Property & Casualty, Group Employee Benefits, or Personal Lines - and we also want to know what your expectations are. This allows us to find the best match possible so you not only get the best cultural fit, but also the hire that will immediately add to your bottom line.


Account Managers/Service Personnel
Are there a lot Account Managers available and on the job market? Maybe. Are they all a good fit for your organization? Probably not. We make sure we understand the type of person that would fit in with your team - and then we find that person for you.


Other Key Positions
  • Claims/Claims Management
  • Executive Management
  • Practice Leadership
  • Branch Managers
  • Underwriters
  • And more...

Resume Writing

Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting to make your entry into the workforce, our expert resume` writing team can help you create the absolute best resume` that will allow you to market yourself to virtually any type of employer. In addition to your resume`, we can help you develop a superior cover letter as well as enhance your presence on social media. Please CLICK HERE to learn more about the services we can offer you.

General Recruitment Consulting

Are you in need of recruitment and hiring process overhaul? Are you seeking to upgrade or implement new plans or technology within your human resources or recruiting departments? Do you feel overwhelmed, and do you need help reaching these or other goals? We can help. Our team has worked with a large variety of clients throughout multiple industries, and we have seen both what does and does not work. We can help you implement industry best practices and processes in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness. We can also provide project management assistance to help you accomplish complex projects. Let us know how we can help.

Our Temporary & Contract Staffing and Outsourced Workforce

Our Temporary & Contract Staffing Practice provides our clients with workforce support for a variety of positions in any industry. Whether you need a secretary at a real estate office, or a manual laborer on the construction site – we can help you. We not only assist you in finding the right person for the job, but we also handle payroll, insurance coverage, and every other facet of managing a workforce. Think of us as your outsourced human resource department – we’ll handle your workforce management so you can focus on running your business.